Dry Eye Center

Eye Exam Image Dry Eye Disease -Loss of homeostasis and neuroprotection on the surface of an eye

Dry eye disease is multifactorial.  The causes range from environmental, age, medication-induced and autoimmune mediated. 

Patients suffer from Dry Eye suffer from neurosensory related eye irritation.  These symptoms vary anywhere from mild red irritated eyes to severe pain with subsequent vision changes.  

We offer the latest FDA proved and cleared treatments to treat and manage Dry Eye Disease.

Optilight IPL 

  • It delivers controlled pulses of light in selective wavelengths to the eyelids and upper face.  
  • It reduces inflammation by eliminating abnormal inflammatory telangiectatic blood vessels that cause irritation to the       eye surface and dysfunction of tear glands (meibomian gland dysfunction). 
  • It kills Demodex mites that are associated with chronic blepharitis (eye lid infection and inflammation). 
  • It promotes photomodulation of the meibomian gland structure and function. Therefore, your eyes produce better             quality and quantity tears to protect the cornea and bring clearer vision. 
  • It delivers photofacial treatment to the lid structure and skin around the eyes. 

Radio Frequency

  • It stimulates collagen production by safely delivering high frequency electrical currents to the surface of the skin. 
  • It delivers controlled temperature to the clogged tear glands and generate better flow of the tears to the ocular surface. 
  • It is clinically proven to tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  

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